About Us

Sidnie Co Couture, MCR

Sidnie readily embracing contradiction with a keen understanding of how interconnected design an be. Vision is what makes Sidnie Co Couture unique and infinitely playful. Sid, modestly describes her line of dresses and separates as "embracing African's elegance and the idea of the dressing up box from her childhood wardrobe.

Sidnie collaborates with other artists in the fashion world to produce images that need no interpretation. "Beautiful women in beautiful gowns".

Although constantly pulling inspiration from various sources, the current collection is specifically driven by elements within the political and cultural climate namely the British Empire. The collection uses vibrant African wax block print fabrics, which makes each piece unmatched.

Both playful and audacious, equal part reverie while pushing the boundaries of fashion completely forward, this range is a vibrant melee of Then and Now. Vintage-inspired silhouettes celebrate a time gone by, with designs that call upon the spirit and lives of mid-century 50's women that are modernized for the woman of today and the future.

The C.E.O

Sidnie Co Couture, MCR

I have been established in fashion design and production for several years, after obtaining a degree from Salford. During the running of my business I have continued to self-develop and continue with my education over the years. In that I have  completed a business course at Manchester Business School, attained a Masters from M.M.U. in fashion design and production development, completed teacher training certificate.

I have experience in most aspects of the fashion business, from design, cut make and trim production, made to measure, styling and photo shots, costume production for both film and theatre.

As for personal development I have explored “More to Life” the Z course, Land mark and most recently completed skills in "Person Centred" counselling.

I have throughout my adult life I have been involved with various community projects and organisation and feel passionate about my community and its reputation and development.

Thanks, Sid.